Stop training patterns!

Discover how to use efficiently your anatomy through Franklin Method® workshops!

Sure, anyone can grab an Anatomy book off the library shelf and see where muscles are located and read about how they move. But book learning, by itself, does not encorporate the “how does ‘my’ anatomy feel when I move, and why?” aspect. Those workshops are a creative approach using movement to embody and personalize the learning of “how can i use my body in an healthy way?”.

The Franklin Method® is unlike any other form of physical training you’ve ever experienced. Participants use a combination of movement exploration and mental visualization to support and enhance efficient posture, everyday activites, and athletic performance.

Workshops include such tools as imagery application, anatomical models, movement re-education, rhythmic movement chants, small props, resistance bands, and good natured humor. Participants are guided to experience their body, increase movement consciousness, and motivate change from within the self.

What can you expect?

Dynamic Imagery: a multi sensori way of using the barin to affect movement and function

Educational skills Anatomical embodiements

Awareness of body’s function and design

Reconditionning movement to produce optimum function

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